Travel, work, meet, play, learn, enjoy…

​We're a family whose main aim is living life to the full. 

Sharing, teaching, challenging and exploring while supporting each other.

We embrace the environment and universal ethics by respecting and valuing differences.

We will go discover the wonders of the World and hope you will come along too.

"..we promote the awesomeness of living in the pursue of personal dreams, sharing experiences, challenges and little/great achievements for anyone to aspire.

To become the maker and ambassador of a unique and meaningful lifestyle."

"..providing inspirational insights, life hacks, experiential reports about travel, adventures, explorations and daily tasks.

As well as reviews, advice and information about the products and services we use.

We lend our talent and labour to both corporations and individuals, whoever may want to experience how it feels to be living in the wonder of the ordinary."




Ok, perhaps we're not canon as fashion models...but we really are laid back and fun !...for instance, the day these photos were shot Stefano got his shoes taken offshore by birds while flying a kite, Anna finally landed her first stand up on the board, Laskan got caught picking is nose literally seconds before this pic happened (and yet look at his face!) and Olivia....well Olli she ruled all day long just as usual.

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