OWL is a project developed and managed by an actual family with all the limits and flaws such nature implies. OWL promotes active lifestyle, outdoor experience and discovery travels, with an emphasis on environmental and social topics. OWL team members are "talents", nevertheless they are not professional physician, biologist, scientist or official/religious authority hence any of the opinions expressed throughout the contents must not be subjected to liability in the event of third party's misuses. OWL's contents do not want to persuade anybody in the matters of healthcare and nutrition, education, religion, politics and legal matters. OWL does respect and values intellectual property and must not be subject of liability in the event breaches occur by third parties throughout OWL's web pages. OWL disclaims any harm, damage and breach of local and international policies caused by third parties' misuse of its contents such as reports, reviews, video and publications.




OWL's main purpose is to entertain and engage the audience/users through a range of experiential contents. OWL's profits may occur through the partnership with other business entities for which OWL may perform marketing activities of social engagement, affiliate sales, R&D and so on. OWL may also advertise and distribute original branded goods (merchandise) and services (consulting, tutoring). Nevertheless, any review and advice concerning products and services are intended as 100% sincere and unbiased being OWL's basic values those of impartiality, fairness and respect.




OWL does perform data collections with the only purpose of newsletter; promotion of events, merchandise and services. The collected data will not be disclosed to third parties. Users and subscribers can, at any time, get their profile and related data cancelled upon explicit request by contacting us by email at hello@jointheowl.com.




www.jointheowl.com (and the social media channels directly related) is the sole official platform of the project. Neither OWL nor any person or company associated with OWL shall be liable for any damage whatsoever resulting from your use or inability to use this website or any information, content, services or materials provided by or on this website. With the exception of obscene language such as insults, blackmailing and threatening, censorship is performed as little as possible through our platform contents and the members/users of our social channels and blog are encouraged to speak out their true opinions. Nevertheless,  OWL disclaims any liability towards users' opinions that may result in hurting, disrespect, harm or offend other users and the audience all. OWL reserves the right to amend, add and/or exclude any information on the website (including this disclaimer) at any time and without any prior notice thereof. OWL shall not be obliged to update this website, including any information on the website.

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