OWL acknowledges and respects:

. All living beings

. The environment and the ecosystems

. Local cultures, beliefs, traditions, rules and customs


Above all, OWL is ethically committed in promoting:

. Mutual understanding among different people around the World

. Environmental and social awareness through direct and unbiased experience

. Freedom of speech and self-determination regardless the ethnicity, gender, class, belief and sexual orientation 

OWL is relentless and unconditional supporter of human, animals and environment's rights.


OWL directly supports, through both donations and active volunteering on specific projects and following local NGO (Non-Profit Organisations). Please check them out and feel free to embrace these causes and contribute according to your capabilities:



OWL is a project openly inspired by the experience and legacy of the following people:

Charles Darwin_ Naturalist, geologist and biologist, father of the modern evolutionary synthesis

Oscar Wilde_ Poet, playwright and aesthete 

Tiziano Terzani_ Journalist and writer

Gregory "Greg" Walter Graffin_ Musician, naturalist and author

Chris McCandless "Alexander Supertramp"_ Itinerant traveler

Everett Ruess_ Poet, writer, adventurer

Lars Thorbjørn Monsen_ Adventurer and journalist

Robyn Davidson_ Writer and adventurer

Kristine McDivitt "Kris" Tompkins_ Entrepreneur and conservationist

James Castrission and Justin Jones "Cas and Jonesy"_ Explorers, motivators and writers

Jason Lewis_ Explorer and sustainability campaigner

Avram Noam Chomsky_ Linguist, philosopher, historian, social critic

Kurt Vonnegut_ Writer and humanist

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